The fingerprint and RFID Card Access Control System is a unique biometric attendance machine or fingerprint reader for Time & Attendance uses. It has an advanced system that makes it reliable, accurate, and fast at matching. The 2.8-inch colour TFT panel can show more information in a clear way, such as the quality of the fingerprint picture and the result of the proof, among other things. TCP/IP connection is standard, and it makes sure that data can be sent quickly between the interface and the PC in just a few seconds. For small chain shops, this is the best option. Access control system make it easy to record when workers come and go. They can also be used with RFID cards, which makes them even more appealing to users.

Biometric Devices use an employee’s unique physical traits to figure out who they are. Face Recognition Devices, Palm Recognition Devices, and Fingerprint Readers are all biometric machine that are often used to check the presence of employees. When an employee uses his face, palm, or fingerprint to identify himself, the biometric device matches the information it gets to the models it already has in its database. If the device finds a match, it tells the employee and writes down the time the event happened. If the fingerprint device is linked to an access control system, it opens the door lock so the employee can go through.

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