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Get Full Range of Best Mike Speakers & Public Address Systems in Pakistan

TOA is a world-renowned company established in 1934 in Kobe, Japan. Time&Xcess is the best TOA reseller company in Pakistan to get masjid amplifier price in Pakistan with free installation services for mosques. Toa Sound System provides the best audio speakers environment inside and outside the masjid. The best quality column speakers for masjid provide clear audio for prayers in the halls. High-quality horns spread the Azan Khutbah, Taqreer across a large area.

Its Time To Upgrade Your Masjid Sound System!

Azan Speakers

Are your Azan Speakers reaching the distance and clarity you want for the surrounding area?

Masjid Wall Speakers or Indoor speakers

Can the prayers and teachings of the Imam be heard inside the Masjid Wall Speakers?

Khutba Microphone

Do complicated sound systems and difficult-to-use Imam microphones cause problems?

Best Toa Audio Solution for Masjid in Lahore, Pakistan

Time&Xcess provides the best Toa sound system and audio speakers environment for the masjid. The durable horn speaker spread the azan across large areas to alert area namazi to reach masjid on time. Line array speakers and column speakers in the middle of masjid halls provide excellent sound quality that removes echo and feedback for large masjid halls. The designed solution of Toa speaker is used in the main masjids of Lahore and all other areas of Pakistan.

The TOA PC-658R

It is a specially designed product for mosques. It’s the ideal choice for any small or medium-sized mosque sound system. Toa 240W amplifiers, a mixer, and digital sound speakers have been combined to provide the best support for your needs.

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