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Let our ZKTeco RFID technology keep you well-protected! Our state-of-the-art access control system provides unparalleled security measures that safeguard your assets and premises. With our door access control system for office, you can keep track of personnel movements and limit access for better security protocols. Our access alarm control will add to your security by alerting you of any unauthorized access attempt.

Unlock your way to a secure future!

How It Works

Our RFID Technology: Always a Step Ahead

Time and xcess has been serving the security needs of businesses and residential apartments through quality ZKTeco access control systems in Pakistan. Our RFID access control system has been at the top of the list in this regard.  RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless technology with following components: RFID tags, an RFID reader and a control panel.

RFID tag: An RFID tag is usually in the form of a key fob or card. These tags hold the credential data stored in them and use that information to unlock the door access control system by communicating with an RFID reader.

RFID reader: An RFID reader is fixed near doors and integrated with them. They give access upon receiving information via RFID tags.

Control panel: It manages access according to the data provided by the RFID reader. It matches the data provided by the RFID reader to the credentials on the door access system server and allows or denies access based on it.

Be Safe with Our Building Access Control System

Time and xcess understands your security concerns; therefore, we have been providing unparallel protection through our ZKTeco door access control system and building access control systems. Our RFID door access control system ensures your safety by limiting access to authorized staff and keeping unwanted intruders at bay. Our ZKTeco building access control system is a step ahead, allowing you to keep multiple locations in check and manage their access. A centralized door access control system helps you manage access from every single location in your building, making it easy to track every detail of who has entered and left.

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Our Values

Outshining OtherDoor Access Control Systems

Our RFID access control system will guard your premises and secure your surroundings like no other. Time and xcess saves its customers from demanding traditional access control systems and offers the latest ZKTeco RFID access control devices with numerous virtues, like:


All you have to do is tap your key fob or swipe card against the RFID reader and you will be granted access immediately. Thus, our RFID access control devices are easy to operate for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Easy to install

As RFID access equipment is a wireless technology, so it is a lot easier to install. No extensive wiring or change in infrastructure is required. Our technicians will install these quickly without any disruption to your business.


Our access control systems offer flexibility like no other. They are highly scalable and can accommodate new changes in access without any extensive reprogramming.


If any employee loses a card, you can use the control panel of the door access system to disable access for that card and issue a new one.

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Our Biometric Attendance Machine

Nowadays, biometric attendance machines are a must-have in schools, offices and other institutions. Time and xcess biometric fingerprint attendance machines are accurate and use advanced technology to read your fingerprints and mark attendance. You can rely on our ZKTeco biometric attendance machines, as they do not allow any tampering through unauthorized access or manipulation of data. Do not waste time and let our biometric machine shine! Chat with our sales team and book one for you!

Much More Than a Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Biometric attendance machines do not just keep track of the attendance of employees; they also use this data to ensure no time theft from the employees’ side and help you calculate salary on the basis of their working days and time accurately without any human error. These additional features make biometric attendance machine a valuable tool for businesses. It can also act as an extra security check and restrict access to certain restricted sections as a fingerprint access controller.


Our Values

Mechanism Behind the Biometric Machine

A ZKTeco biometric attendance machine uses biometrics like fingerprints, facial features, etc. to mark the attendance and clocking out of employees. The biometrics of employees are saved in secured databases in the form of digital data using different coordinates. This data is then compared to authenticate someone’s identity whenever someone places their finger for fingerprint attendance. Except for the employee’s fingerprint and employee ID number, no other personal information is used in the ZKTeco biometric fingerprint attendance system, so your privacy is save and intact.

Let us do the error-free counting for you!

Our Values

Keeping Up the Fingerprint Attendance Standards

Our ZKTeco biometric attendance machine is the modern solution for tracking attendance and timekeeping in your office. Contrary to traditional attendance tracking methods, fingerprint attendance is more accurate and efficient, with merits like:

Fire Alarm System

Better management

Attendance data provided by biometric attendance machine helps to better oversee staff. It increases productivity and guarantees that workers are complying with attendance standards


Biometric fingerprint attendance is difficult to forge and prevents attendance fraud and proxies. Thus, offering a high level of security based on unique biometrics.


Our biometric attendance machine price in Pakistan is affordable for the efficiency it offers. It is a reliable technology with years to run, hence, cost-effective in the long run.

Fire Alarm System


Our biometric attendance machines can be programmed for various attendance policies: tracking late arrivals, early departures and leave.

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A Secure Investment in Your Future!

Access control systems and biometric attendance machines are one-time investments. They take a lot of burden off your shoulders and replace manual methods with effective and error-free technology. You can save money, time and manual labour with our RFID access control system and biometric attendance machine and avoid inaccuracies, errors and security concerns. It is a win-win deal for you!

Let the science of security and timekeeping do wonders for you!

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